The Head Spa

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Experience a revolutionary salon treatment known as a “Head Spa.” Based on ancient Ayuverdic Massage and Japanese holistic wellness practices. A Head Spa combines a hair treatment, scalp renewal, detoxification & deep cleansing, aromatherapy, and a deeply relaxing scalp massage with a unique methodology to provide the ultimate Zen experience. 
 In essence, a Head Spa serves as a facial for your scalp and a deep restorative treatment for your hair. Shampoos, styling products, and minerals from our water accumulate on the scalp causing a multitude of conditions effecting your hair and scalp health.  A Head Spa treatment will aid in the removal of shampoo, product, and environmental build-up, ridding flakes, to prevent and reverse hair damage and thinning.

The Head Spa Q&A

Q:  How does a Head Spa treatment help with hair loss?

A:  If you have a closed or clogged follicles in the scalp the hair can't receive the necessary oxygen and won’t grow.  In addition the skin detoxification and massage help promote blood circulation improving overall scalp health and hair growth.

Q:  What are the other benefits of a Head Spa treatment?

Massage increases blood flow and boosts lymphatic fluid drainage. Head Spa treatments have helped ease the pain of migraines and experience better sleep.” Regulars also tout that it de-puffs their faces, and eliminates neck and facial water retention.

Q:  What hair and scalp conditions can the Head Spa help with?

Dry scalp and dandruff - 

Moisturizing, soothing, and purifying process aids in healing the scalp that is dry, itchy, or has dandruff. 

Anti-inflammatory soothing process for sensitive scalps with psoriasis symptoms: itchy, red, scaly, or irritated.

Rebalance and purifying for oily scalps.

Hair Loss

Revitalizing and reinforcing process for weak hair that are prone to falling out; stimulates the follicles to promote new hair growth


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